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Education For All Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and Rules

Our Commitment

The Steve Sinnott Foundation respects rights to privacy. We believe it is important that people who contribute personal information about themselves and others to publicly available websites know and understand know what is involved.

You need to know

This site can be accessed by anyone who has access to a computer with an internet browser, or other means of making internet connections, and who knows the address of the website or finds it by use of a search engine. We encourage visitors to the site and we encourage anyone who can constructively assist the achievement of our objectives to become members. The website exists to achieve one of the Foundations main aims to put people with common interests in contact with each other.
There may therefore be many hundreds of thousands of people visiting and contributing to this website. We want them to give information about themselves and their interests for other visitors and contributors to share.

Protecting your security

We do not ask you to place on the site any information of a kind which it is necessary to protect for the security of your, or anyone else, personal finances and we will do our best to discourage contributors from placing on the site information which may put anyones security at risk in any other way.

Protect yourself

We at the Foundation cannot ourselves monitor and protect the privacy of information placed by contributors on the site. We must ask contributors to consider for themselves any precautions necessary for themselves and others whose security could be affected by the contributions made.

Protect others

If you are thinking of supplying information about other identifiable individuals, before doing so, please consider whether you could be invading their privacy in ways to which they may object. If in doubt, please obtain their consent. Wherever appropriate please ask them to register themselves on the site.

Companies and organisations

We encourage companies, partner charities, governmental and non-governmental bodies to register and contribute information. It must however be for those who give information on behalf of such organisation to take responsibility for compliance with their organisations own privacy policies and the protection of sensitive commercial or other sensitive information.

Our use of your data

We will obviously use the information provided by contributors to achieve the Foundations core objective of bringing people together around the Educating for Education philosophy in pursuit of Millennium Goal 2. Additionally, we welcome into the community anyone who can contribute positively to the achievement of Millennium Goal 2, and that includes companies and commercial and business organisation as it includes charities and government organisations and NGOs. We have no objection to the responsible marketing through the Foundation of ethically acceptable products and services and we may use the information you provide for that purpose. We do however give all contributors the clear assurance that we monitor and select very carefully the organisations with which we associate in this way. We will only associate with those who can genuinely assist the work of the Foundation and whose own positive ethical commitments are credible and strong. A list of approved commercial partners appears in the Overview pages of this website.
We cannot of course control the collection by commercial companies of information which is publicly available on the site, if they are prepared to spend time on assembling it. Any contact made with contributors by commercial organisations not listed on this site as our approved partners is not authorised by the Foundation.
By submitting details onto this site, you are consenting to the collection, use and transfer of your information. The Foundation cannot and does not itself accept liability for the misuse of any information placed on the site.

Users aged 16 and under

We welcome young members but visitors to the site aged 16 or under must have parent/guardian's permission beforehand whenever providing personal information to this website.

Changes to our privacy policy

Any changes to our privacy policy in the future will be posted to this page.


If you have any comments, queries and requests relating to our use of your information, please contact us.


Please also take a look at the Legal notices on this site