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Education For All Legal Policy

Legal Policy

Company Registration

The STEVE SINNOTT FOUNDATION is a company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales under company registration No. 6696272. Its objects are charitable and it is authorised not to use the word Limited in its title. The Registered Office is at Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BD. For details of the business office, go to the Contact Page

Charity Registration

The Foundation is registered with the UK Charity Commission under registered charity No. 1130814.

Name & the Logo

We are delighted to see our name and logos widely used for the right reasons.

However, the Foundation does own the copyright in its logo designs and if anyone, without our permission, uses our name or logos, (or anything so similar that it will cause confusion) - to make a profit for themselves, so as to pretend to be, or to speak for, the Foundation, so as to mispresent what we stand for, what we support or do not support. You're doing irresponsible damage to a very important cause and we'll sue.

We will also be quite keen to ensure that anyone using our logos sends us a donation if they are not themselves a charity and they can afford it. So, if you are planning to use our logos, better check with us first.


This is a publicly available website for a worldwide community of users and contributors. Contributors to the site must take responsibility for the information which they place on the site, and for their personal and financial security resulting from the availability of information which they place on the site about themselves and about other individuals and organisation. The Foundation cannot accept liability to contributors for any adverse consequence resulting from their contributions to the site. By placing information on the site, contributors agree to indemnify the Foundation against any liabilities to third parties resulting from the availability of such information. For more information please see our Privacy Policy and Rules

Misuse of Site

The Foundation reserves the right to cancel the registration of any user who, in the opinion of the Foundation Directors, is abusing the facilities made available on the site or whose continued membership of the community is considered by the Directors to be incompatible with the aims, principles and ethos of the Foundation. Material contributed by users may be removed or edited for any reason which the Directors consider appropriate, and we reserve the right to report incidents of misuse to any third party who we feel may be in a position to take action to prevent recurrence. Constructive discussion of sometimes difficult and complex issues surrounding the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal for Education is welcome but the Foundation will not tolerate material which is libellous, or which appears to the Directors to be calculated to cause offence.