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Education For All Day

Case study – St Paul’s Church of England Primary School & Lahare Pipal School

In September 2010 our school community, St Paul’s began a journey, a journey that would take us into a new world, a world which would enlighten our children, parents and staff.  The journey for us is not yet over, it has only just begun, it is a continuous learning curve in which we are discovering through our connection with Lahare Pipal school in Nepal the true value of education.  In the 18 months since we were partnered with Lahare Pipal School, the children in our school have learnt so much about the common vision and sense of belonging that the children in Nepal share with them. Our school held a Project Nepal week in which the children learnt about Nepal the country, Lahare Pipal School and the similarities and differences between our two communities. The week enabled the children to see the importance and value of education, the diversity that exists in our world and the opportunities available to them.

After sending a book, which every child in the school has contributed to, the children waited anxiously for a response, when the response arrived the children eagerly waited for the special book from Nepal to be brought to their class. To witness the children delicately holding the book, so as not to spoil it, showed how much they cared and valued the relationship building between the schools.
The school council took lead of the project and carried out pupil voice surveys to establish what the children wanted to do to help build links with Lahare Pipal. From the moment it was mentioned that Lahare Pipal needed £1000 to pay for a teacher the school council decided action needed to be taken.

The year 5 and 6 children felt that a school sleepover was the most effective way to make money. Therefore, it was decided that the children from year 3-6 would be invited to attend a sleepover. The planning and preparation was carried out by me, Miss Heraty the project Nepal leader at St Paul’s alongside the school council, who helped plan the menu for dinner and entertainment for the evening.

The support from parents was phenomenal with 84 children signing up within the first week. At £10 per child, we had raised £840. The sleepover was a great success; the children developed their personal, social and emotional skills, learning the importance of independence and team work. Our next steps are to look at how we can further develop our relationship with Lahare Pipal School. It is exciting for all at St Paul’s as we work to engage in meaningful learning opportunities with our partner school.

To close I’d like to share a comment made by one of the children, as they were looking through the special book we received from the children in Lahare Pipal, “They look really happy in their school”. I feel this shows the impact that the experience has had on us so far. It has enlightened our children to see how other global communities exist and have the exact same feeling about their education as we do.

The Steve Sinnott Foundation has allowed this to happen.

Marie Heraty, Deputy Head Teacher