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About Education For All

About Us

The Steve Sinnott Foundation has been working since 2009 to support and promote education for children around the world and to campaign for the right to education globally.

Steve Sinnott was the General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers UK and a renowned international campaigner for education until his untimely death in April 2008. The foundation continues his legacy in aiming to ensure children have access to quality education everywhere in the world.
  • We work to enable children living in poverty and difficult circumstances to access quality education through a range of initiatives in partnership with local communities, institutions and teachers’ organisations.
  • We enable small education projects in developing countries to connect with resources, volunteers and donors through our online community at 
  • We work with schools in the UK to raise awareness about the UNited Nations Education for All goals that every child in the world should have access to quality basic education.
  • We support key areas of teaching and learning in UK schools through Global Citizenship Education and International School partnerships.
The ‘Education for All Day’ campaign was launched by the Steve Sinnott Foundation in 2013 to give an opportunity to young people and teachers in the UK to play an active role in meeting the ‘Education for All’ (EfA) agenda. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of the right to education and encourage young people in the UK to participate in the global movement for education. Each year, beginning on the third Friday in June, UK schools come together for ‘Education for All Day’ to raise awareness about EFA.

In its first year Education for All Day mobilised over 26,000 pupils and nearly 16,000 teachers in the campaign! School activities ranged from assemblies during the day, classroom activities & EfA themed lessons to hosting events with other schools and/or press & MPs.

The majority of school activities were organised and developed by school councils and a number of schools (particularly larger schools) created task forces with responsibility for the planning and development of their schools EfA Day. The activities and events held by these groups of pupils successfully raised awareness of Education for All and understanding of the issues within their school communities. Every participating school was encouraged to contact their local MP and invite them to the EFA day event.

Even at a short notice, 10% of participating schools received a visit from their local MP on EFA day and heard from pupils why it is important to invest in education in developing countries. Nearly 70% of the participating schools wrote letters to the Prime Minister, explaining the significance of EFA day and urging him to prioritise education in the international agenda.