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Education For All Day

The Steve Sinnott Foundation in partnerships with young people in UK schools are working hard to develop understanding and awareness of Education for All on Friday 20th June 2014.

Our resources pack contains fun facts, fundraising ideas, case studies, activity and assembly ideas. Sign up here to instantly download the current pack.

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Create a task force from your class, year group or whole school that will lead your school's Education for All Day.

Schedule meetings throughout the year to plan and manage your projects and events for Education for All Day. Visit and partner with neighbouring schools to increase the impact of Education for All Day.
Publicise your efforts, be seen! Invite parents, local politicians, the media and anyone else you can think of to take part in your schools Education for All Day on Friday 20th June 2014.
Does your school have a facebook and twitter account, why not tell your friends about your plans for Education for All Day and invite suggestions and comments?
If you want to share your thoughts, ideas or have created posters, videos, why not share them on our blog? Please email any submissions to Nick Evans or Visit Our Blog

We have a number of letters that can be used in writing to your Member of Parliament or local Councillor, to the Prime Minister, to the local newspapers and radio shows.

Why not alter the letter so that you can send it with the signatures of everyone in your school! For those of you looking to get more creative, why not start your own blog, shoot a video or create an art masterpiece?